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Central Madrid is small and easy to get around. The heart of the city lies between the Prado Museum
and the Royal Palace. The main business and banking area is located around Nuevos Ministerios, just
off the main street of Paseo de la Castellana. The major tourist areas in the city are the Royal Palace,
Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, El Escorial and Huertas.


Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a lively city, especially at night. Although violent crime against
foreigners is rare, petty crime is a serious problem. Personnel should avoid the Lavapiés, Plaza Dos de
Mayo and Calle Orense areas at night, and take precautions against pickpockets in the city centre.
Security has been increased since the commuter train bombings in March 2004. Although the
possibility of further attacks by Islamist militants remains low, they cannot be ruled out. There is also a
risk of attacks by domestic terrorists, though these usually target government-related facilities and only
pose an incidental risk to visitors.

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