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Theft—including armed robbery, purse snatching and pickpocketing—is common in Mexico. If you are threatened by robbers, stay calm and do not resist. Tourists have been injured while trying to resist armed robberies. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, even in areas normally considered safe. Take precautions to secure your belongings and minimize your risk of becoming a target for thieves. Always keep your luggage secure. Stay in hotels and resorts with good security. While swimming in resort areas, leave your passport and valuables in the hotel safe, not in your hotel room or on the beach. Dress down and avoid wearing expensive jewelry.

Foreigners have been targets of robberies that sometimes involve assault. Robbers will follow a victim after they exchange or withdraw money at airports, currency exchange bureaus (casas de cambio) and automated banking machines (ABMs). Avoid withdrawing or exchanging money in public areas of the airport. If you must make a financial transaction at the airport, ensure only small amounts are involved and make the transaction within the customs area.

Only withdraw or exchange money at ABMs or exchange bureaus during the day or inside reputable financial institutions, hotels and malls; avoid street-side withdrawals and exchanges. This will help you avoid card skimming (i.e. the illegal collection of data from the magnetic strip of a credit or debit card). Always hide the keypad when entering your personal identification number, even if nobody else is around. Keep your credit card in sight when paying for goods and services.

However watch not to show quite typical of sign of wealth.

Stay as often as possible in busy and secured places.
In case of kidnaping never forget that your life is the most important

The main purpose of a kidnaping is money, in the majority of the cases, the people are released.

In every case, stay calm and never bring into conflict resistance at the risk of being injured.

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