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Offical transfers

Once you land in Mexico City International Airport, you will have a private care transfer organised that will take you directly to the Hotel Intercontinental Presidente. As you walk out of the luggage area into the Arrivals terminal, please look out for your name on a Summit branded board. The company organising your transfer is called ALFA and you should have received a voucher by email. If you are travelling with other colleagues from UICC, you will be on the same transfer. The exact time of your return transfer will be confirmed to you the day before you leave.


Authorized taxis offer comfortable and safe service from the Airport to your destination. These are the only taxis authorized by the Communications and Transport Authority (SCT Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes).

Taxi services are located at the international and domestic entrances at Terminals 1 and 2.  In both cases, taxi tickets are sold at the modules located near the arrival gates and in the walkway area.  Rates are posted in a visible place and are authorized by the Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT).  For your safety, we recommend you only use the taxi services authorized by this airport, which include:


Terminal 1:

  • Porto Taxi, Sitio 300

  • Nueva Imagen and Excelencia

Terminal 2:

  • Porto Taxi, Sitio 300

  • Nueva Imagen

  • Excelencia

  • Confort and Yellow Cab


Any other service there is illegal.


There are two types of services:

  • Ordinary: four door sedan  for four passengers, plus the driver.

  • Executive: SUVs or vans for eight passengers, plus the driver.

It is very important you consider the distances and times before using taxi services in the city. You must purchase the corresponding ticket in authorized retail outlets before you use their services.


Both of these car services can provide alternatives to using taxis in Mexico’s big cities.

Uber has a good reputation however watch not to show quite typical of sign of wealth.

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